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Timber Jump Poles
93.5mm Diameter
Lengths: 2.50m (8ft) / 3m (10ft) / 3.65m (12ft)
Sold with Pole Caps
Customizable colour schemes

Standard Quality — Seamless and finish with quality water based enamel paint

Premium Quality — Perfection with auto grade fillers and finished with industrial enamel paint, recommended for Competition use and Sponsor Jumps

Pacific Equine Sport Ltd. has had the privilege of supplying rails, in both Standard and Premium quality, to our equestrian clientele and top tournament facilities across North America.

Meticulously sourced Internationally for quality and consistency of Timber, Pacific Equine Sport Jump Poles are light weight, straight and strong with minimal knots.


**All Shipping on Jumps Quoted Separately.** Please be sure to enter all your contact information, so the PES team can contact you for confirmation on Jump Pole colours, lengths and best options for shipping internationally. 

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